The World Inside
Music: Jens Lueck / Lyrics: Isgaard,  Jens Lueck

Blooms and sand, start and end
– all flashing by.
Endless ways to walk
leading me to different places,
different faces, well-known at last.

Words turn to silence.
Worlds turn to dust.

I can see
the world is inside of me.
Soil to sea
– the world is changing with me.

Born to choose, from a thousand 
views, to find out, what is mine.
Seasons come and go,
I`m feeling like a lonesome pilgrim
within millions of soul mates.

I will close my eyes now.
I fall asleep.

None is free
but the world inside me.
I can see.

What you have inside is your refuge. But your inner world is in a never ending interaction with the outside world and so it contains everything (past, present and future).