On my knees
Music: Isgaard / Jens Lueck, Lyrics: Jens Lueck

Down on the ground
Wrapped up with a moisty tatter
A pauper unknown
Never seen, just  a lonely beggar
Lost but alive
On a way, that leads him nowhere
Still downwards, he won`t care

On my knees
I remain to send out
Silent pleas
For a place made of mercy
Mine is yours
And yours is mine
Water to wine

Why did you fall
Tell me why did you smash your story

Why did you end
Swapping down, gloom and glory

Ain`t there a love
Waiting still, for you to kiss her
But she`s just a cold blur

This song is a plee for mercy to the poor, paupers and beggars. It questions also, why we are so unconcerned facing all that suffering.