Choni (The Children Of Bhutan)
Music: Jens Lueck, Isgaard / Lyrics: Isgaard, Jens Lueck)

Clouds on a blue sky
Hiding out a movement on its way
Little things die
Lost in time, a world that goes astray

Far from the west-end
Entangled in a slowly breathing life
Is there a wise man distracting them
To let the outside inside, outside inside

If I could hold you in my arms
And make you see
That this new world is not
What it seems to be
Find out!
Stay proud of what you are!
The children of Bhutan

Snow at the skyline
Mountains high as strong as their belief
Tie of all time
Not firm enough to flee the silent thief

Smile on a pure face
Open hearts still able to conceive
In a bright place
Too far away to feel the old man`s grief
`cause outside`s inside

You`ll ever be
The children of Bhutan

This song is about the young generation in the himalaya-state Bhutan. This land is marked by old traditions and a strong buddhistic belief and a few years ago they even didn`t have television. Now in the age of internet, there is a high-speed development for them. Which way will they choose? Will they find a balance between keeping traditions and the new influences?