Break the deal
(Music: Jens Lueck / Lyrics: Jens Lueck, Isgaard)

Lovely girl why did you go astray
Pretty face, is it your chosen way

You`re dancing with strangers tonight
Feel the pulse of life, the ray of light
Forgetting `bout what is behind
All this fight

`cause now I`m here
I`m out on the street
I know you`re in need
For someone to hold you
Stay and face what you feel
Feel what is real
Lift up the curtain, break the deal

Sadly black, the coat that`s around your soul
Far away and buried so deep your goal

I try to find out where you`ve been
What you`ve heard about and what you`ve seen.
I`m mending the scars of the past
Home at last

A flight that you could call inbound
You`ll be safe and sound, feet on the ground
Mended the scars of the past
Home at last

In the personal development of us all you can often find fears and compulsations – I call them “inner kobolds”, that make life much more difficult. Those “kobolds” often have a kind of “deal” with something, that has happened in the past. The goal is to break this deal.