Overflow Part II
Music: Jens Lueck, Isgaard / Lyrics: Jens Lueck

I`m following the coastline
In front of me
The ocean`s turning into stone
No movement no wave
The water`s enslaved
And I`m all alone now

I try to raise my head now
Toward the blue
The clouds the sun where have they gone
There`s nothing but space
The sky has lost its grace
And I close my eyes so tightly

Please let me sleep
Fall into deep

A window separates me
From an outside world
Of high-speed-junkies in a rush
If this window breaks
They`ll enter like snakes
All that`s still mine

My head is filled with pictures
Just moving round and round
Too fast to understand
I want them to leave
Cause I can`t perceive
and I close my eyes so tightly

TV mega show
Input overflow
Output cannot grow

Inside core meltdown
Feelings forced to drown
Turning round and round

It`s about a person, who has gone crazy and insane by the constant information-overflow in our today`s world.