Playing God 
M: J.Lueck, Isgaard/ L: Isgaard, J.Lueck

We are playing God
And we will never be wrong
We are playing God
`Cause our great show must go on
They are playing God
Without being in charge
They are playing God
And this world is not that large

Crawled on all fours
Do you remember we were victims?
Stood up to see what`s around
We turned to killing hunters

Flash spark `n fire
Made up dreams `bout crowns of kings and queens
And still much more

Best suit and smile,
now the arrogance is ruling
Gone much too far,
we took the bait to change beauty’s blueprint

Days, months `n years
still we raise the speed and dance on fire
Barren land behind

Borrowed world
Borrowed time
Borrowed universe
Is there anyone behind