Music: Jens Lueck / Isgaard
Lyrics: Isgaard / Jens Lueck

Flat-rate feelings, shadow lights
Unknown faces out of sight
I’m moving slowly, no direction
My soul’s asleep, my body works
Nothing’s left, nothing hurts

Raindrops coming down
On my skin now, on my skin now

In slow-motion the day goes by
People run – where and why
I’m moving straight to the outside
Got no future, got no past
Nothing forms, nothing lasts

But now my journey starts
I get-off now, I get-off now

Paradise one click away
But far, so far from here
So far but near
I meet the best and worst of me
Can set my spirit free
Welcome to my new reality
Come and join me

In my world I start to play
I’m your god, I make you pray
Turn to a slave just for a moment
Seven lives a million arms
And if it kills I meant no harm

A universe of silent souls
On my screen now, on my screen now