“Silva” (latin: the forest) is a song which treats the meeting of an imaginary nature goddess. A man who gets lost in the woods and perforce has to sleep there discovers the primal force of the nature, which represents an essential source of energy for the human body and soul.


Once upon a time there was a tale about a girl
Who‘d been hiding in the woodlands
The elders said her crib was made
Of leafs and limbs and grass and she‘d grown up
Without parents

Silva hold on and wait for me
Don‘t hide, I need you, I‘m on my knees
Cause I want to dive into your universe
I long to leave this world that‘s well-rehearsed

As one day someone went astray
And fell asleep inside the woods
About Silva he was dreaming
She sang for him with a foreign voice
And after waking up he couldn‘t find out
‘bout its meaning

And every day he was planting a tree
A tree for Silva
And every day he was crossing the lea
In search for Silva
And day by day he was sharing his goods
In remembrance of Silva
But never again he‘d enter the woods
The woods of Silva