(Music by Jens Lück/Lyrics by Isgaard & Jens Lück Italian Lyrics & Very Special Guest Piero Mazzocchetti)

As long as people try to find a peaceful way
As long as springtime melts the frozen sea
As long as we can see the glow in children’s eyes
As long as we go on singing our songs

Hope will be the source of the river of life
Love will break the spell of inner strife

Dreams will never die
As long as we live
As long as the clouds pass by
Dreams can learn to fly
As long as we still belive in God
High in the sky

As long as God is visible in you and me
As long as people fight for better days

Patience is the street that we have to walk on
Eden is the place where we come from


Mai arrendersi mai l’odio non vincerà
La mia ferde oramai è verità