Released 2004 on Flat Earth Music/Art of Music. Secret Gaarden shows clearly Isgaards musical passions: on the one hand nearly classical pieces with big string-arrangements, on the other hand chill-out-pop-songs with catchy hooklines. Infuences: classical Music (Bruckner, Ravel), Massive Attack, Loreena Mc Kennitt, Tori Amos. Produced by Jens Lueck, Jan Petersen – Guitars, Rodrigo Reichel und Rebecca Thümer – Violin and Viola, Galileo – Guestvocals.


  • Cry For Freedom
  • Dancing On A Magic Trace
  • I Am Too Weak
  • Indian Eyes
  • Longing For Silence
  • Man On The Moon
  • Nothing But Me
  • People Don’t Die
  • Secret Garden
  • The End (Stop loving me)
  • This Is Not America
  • What Is Found