Single Celled Organism

29. August 2017   -   0 comments

Hello everybody, this is the new project of my producer/co-musician Jens Lueck. It’s a concept album, and I did some vocal-parts of the female protagonist.

The first album of the solo-project SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM will be released on 20th of october by AFRAID OF SUNLIGHT RECORDS (a label of Gert Gliniorz). It is a concept album based on a modern-day dystopian story called SPLINTER IN THE EYE. It will be available as CD, Vinyl (double album) and download in different formats (as well in high-quality). Very soon I will present some audio-samples and further informations.

Syrinx Call & Isgaard

1. June 2017   -   0 comments

In 2015 I took part in the first album of Syrinx Call. At the moment my musical partner Jens Lueck and Syrinx Call mastermind Volker Kuinke are working on the new album. As on the last album I will sing some vocal-parts. For those, who don’t know Syrinx Call yet: This is a link to the making-of-video of the last album „Wind In The Woods“.

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