The World Inside
Music: Jens Lueck / Lyrics: Isgaard,  Jens Lueck

Blooms and sand, start and end
– all flashing by.
Endless ways to walk
leading me to different places,
different faces, well-known at last.

Words turn to silence.
Worlds turn to dust.

I can see
the world is inside of me.
Soil to sea
– the world is changing with me.

Born to choose, from a thousand 
views, to find out, what is mine.
Seasons come and go,
I`m feeling like a lonesome pilgrim
within millions of soul mates.

I will close my eyes now.
I fall asleep.

None is free
but the world inside me.
I can see.

Die innere Welt, die in ständigerer Interaktion mit der äußeren steht und damit alles beinhaltet (Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, Zukunft). Der Platz, an den man sich immer wieder zurückziehen kann, der Sicherheit bietet.