Music: Isgaard, Jens Lueck / Lyrics: Isgaard, Jens Lueck

Pilosophy, mists or silence?
Just entropy, faith or sense?

A coffee in front
Blue eyes that I`ve known so well
The years have gone by
Forgotten your face, your smell.

The curtain has lifted
You came out of space and time
Remember the days
The moments that you were mine

When I see you, I am sure that I’ll see you twice
And when I find you, I know that I’ll find you twice

A trip back in time
I wish that I`d known in advance
Decisions were made
I watch from the border fence

When you hold me, I can feel that you’ll hold me twice
And when you reach me, I believe that you’ll reach me twice
When I hurt you, I fear that I’ll hurt you twice
And when I leave you, I’m afraid that I’ll leave you twice

When you call me
And when you search for me
When I miss you, there`s no doubt that I`ll miss you twice
And when I need you I know that I`ll need you a thousand times

When the flood comes, waters will wash away
When fire moves on, only ashes will stay
When the waves break, they will never return
When the sun grows, our planet will burn
When the end comes, it will stay
When the end comes, it will stay here

Der Mensch mit seiner Fähigkeit, Entscheidungen zu treffen für gut oder böse, nach links oder rechts zu gehen etc. steht der Eindeutigkeit der Natur entgegen (ab „when the flood comes…“). Vorteil oder Nachteil? Am Ende ist doch alles eindeutig (letzte Zeile).