Overflow Part II
Music: Jens Lueck, Isgaard / Lyrics: Jens Lueck

I`m following the coastline
In front of me
The ocean`s turning into stone
No movement no wave
The water`s enslaved
And I`m all alone now

I try to raise my head now
Toward the blue
The clouds the sun where have they gone
There`s nothing but space
The sky has lost its grace
And I close my eyes so tightly

Please let me sleep
Fall into deep

A window separates me
From an outside world
Of high-speed-junkies in a rush
If this window breaks
They`ll enter like snakes
All that`s still mine

My head is filled with pictures
Just moving round and round
Too fast to understand
I want them to leave
Cause I can`t perceive
and I close my eyes so tightly

TV mega show
Input overflow
Output cannot grow

Inside core meltdown
Feelings forced to drown
Turning round and round

In Overflow Part 2 geht es um eine Person, die angesichts des Informationsüberflusses und des pausenlosen Einhämmerns von Lärm und schnellen Bildern durch Massenmedien und Werbung sowie kritiklose Konsumenten, etc. verrückt wird (das Intro von Overflow Part 1 deutet das bereits an).