In Shine On geht es um den Einfluss der Kunst (Literatur, Malerei, Musik, etc.) auf uns. Was wäre ein Leben ohne all das?


Where are all the poets – don‘t you hide
Please enchant the world with all your verses
Line by line will gild our days and
Open up some truely new ways
Please shine on

Whenever we‘ve been too blind
To see what is real you free our mind
Please shine on or all the beauty‘s gone
A grain makes a tree one day
Into the sky – no need to pray
Please shine on or all the beauty‘s gone

Cover up the hush with all your songs
Break the wall of silence with your wordplay
Overcome the borderline that
Ignorance will soon decline so
Please shine on

Dreamers and fools come on and dive into
A secret world, that‘s only made for you