Syrinx Call featuring Isgaard in the shipment “WDR 2 Made in Germany”

5. July 2016   -   0 comments

Our song ”The Castle” from the album Syrinx Call featuring Isgaard – Wind in the Woods made it for the second time in the radio-voting “WDR 2 Made in Germany”. And so you can vote for it one more time. Up to now, there was only one band who has won three times.

Syrinx Call – The Castle
WDR 2 | 16.06.2016 | 00:30 Min.…/audio-syrinx-call—the-castle-102.html

Videoclip “Refugees” (from the album WOODEN HOUSES 2008)

25. February 2016   -   1 comment

I don`t often talk about politics, but concerning the refugees coming to Europe I have a clear opinion, although I’m aware of the problems, that this is causing. HUMANITY FIRST ! This song has been already released in 2008 on the album Isgaard – Wooden Houses. We have created this video because of the current events.

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