The new Syrinx Call album is in the starting blocks!

A concept album with the recorder as the main instrument? Here comes "Mirrorneuron". An album even more dominated by progressive rock than its predecessor "The Moon on a Stick". Since the rather folky-symphonic debut album "Wind in the Woods", the project "Syrinx Call" around recorder player Volker Kuinke has gone through a remarkable maturation to an independent style, but also gained in complexity. "Mirrorneuron" is the first part of a work of amazing conciseness and virtuosity, rousing dynamics as well as full of touching melodies.
Again recorders meet classical and electric guitars, keyboards, drums, but also string instruments and the independent vocals of Isgaard and Volker Kuinke's wife Doris Packbiers. Multi-instrumentalist and producer Jens Lueck created masterful arrangements, also brings himself much more involved as a singer, but keeps the recorder in all variations as the lead instrument in the foreground.

Here is a small foretaste https://youtu.be/i4wWzn6nNK4