Unsere nächsten Showtermine!

13. Februar 2018   -   0 comments
Wer von euch hat Zeit & Lust?
Hier unsere bevorstehenden Show-Termine!
15.02.2018 – 19.30: Badner Halle, Rastatt
Live-Film-Musik-Show ISLAND 63° 66° N & Special-Guest ISGAARD LIVE
Direkt-Link zum Saalplan/Ticket-Kauf:
16.02.2018 – 19.00 Uhr: Congresshalle Saarbrücken
Live-Film-Musik-Show ISLAND 63° 66° N & Special-Guest ISGAARD LIVE
17.02.2018 – 20.00 Uhr: Kultur|O, Owingen
Live-Film-Musik-Show ISLAND 63° 66° N & Special-Guest ISGAARD LIVE

Eine weitere schöne Rezension zu Whiteout!

25. Oktober 2017   -   0 comments

Es ist schon einige Monate her, dass ”Whiteout” erschienen ist. Trotzdem ist hier eine neue Rezension: http://www.artrockin.com/reviews/2017/10/isgaard-whiteout/

A very ethereal, rich, powerful and moving release with just the perfect amount of melancholy, by this talented German female vocalist. While some of her early work had a style of Euro tech and dance, on this 2016 recording she sounds like a more gentle Kate Bush or Annie Haslam. The territory the music stands in could be described as the progressive folk rock of bands like Clannad, Capercailie, and Iona, in their more lush ballad and aires. Music to lose yourself in, and lyrics to be intrigued by.

With a fantastic backing band which includes her life partner, multi instrumentalist/composer/producer, Jens Luek, (The band consists of: Isgaard on lead and backing vocals, Jens Lueck on drums, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, Ingo Salzmann on electric guitars, Katja Flintsch on violin and viola, Annika Stolze on violin and cello, Dieter Koch on acoustic guitars, Volker Kuinke on recorders, and Joachim Schlüter on slide guitar), the music is magical with visions galore. The theme of ‘Whiteout’ is about a girl who reads a book in which the stories turn into reality and an actual part of the girl’s life. The songs tell various tales of courage, peace, balance, and personal growth.

The sound is dramatic, especially cinematic, and supremely performed. It is indeed that wonderful. ‘Whiteout’ is Isgaard’s most sweeping and atmospheric album yet. You’ll want to listen to this many times. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Review by Lee Henderson Oct 10, 2017

Single Celled Organism

29. August 2017   -   0 comments

Liebe Freunde, SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM ist das neue Solo-Projekt meines Produzenten und Mitmusikers Jens Lueck. Ich habe einige Gesangsparts dazu beigesteuert.

Das Album erscheint am 20.Oktober bei AFRAID OF SUNLIGHT RECORDS, dem Label von Gert Gliniorz. Es trägt den Titel SPLINTER IN THE EYE und ist ein Konzeptalbum, das auf einer dystopischen Story basiert. Es wird auf CD, Vinyl (DoLP) und als Download in verschiedenen Formaten (auch in hoher Qualität) erhältlich sein. In Kürze gibt es Hörproben und mehr Infos.

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