New Album ”HUMAN” (Release 11th of october 2019)

”HUMAN“ - Isgaard chose a simple name for her 8th album that she recorded together with her partner in music and life, Jens Lueck. This title indicates the multivarious theme for a great concept-album. ”The album is marked by the turbulent times we are living in, especially when you're aware of the fragility of man and our planet“ says Isgaard. All 10 songs face human nature with all its ambivalence ...

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A new very nice review! Henderson It is not my imagination that each Isgaard album gets more gorgeous than the last one. This, the 8th release by this vocalist/lyricist/pianist, stands above all the previous works, and that is saying something. 'Human' is breathtaking and a treasure to behold.... Here you can read more!https://www.bigbeautifulnoise ...

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Some more nice reviews! ISGAARDs achtes Album setzt sich thematisch mit dem Menschen und seiner zu ihm gehörenden Zwiespältigkeit auseinander. „Wir leben in bewegten Zeiten, die das Album maßgeblich beeinflusst haben, vor allem, wenn man sich die Zerbrechlichkeit des Menschen und unseres Planeten vor Augen führt“, erklärt die Künstlerin... Here you can read more! www.betreutesproggen ...

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Your World Is Broken (Official Video Clip)

The video is set on 3 time levels: Present time (the protagonist is in her late 30s) and in her memory (at the age of 6 and at the age of 14). The lead actress remembers the emotional scars of her childhood and starts to deal with them actively. She visits places of her youth and in her memorie she experiences once again everyday situations from this period. In the last scene her old egos appear in her imagination and she can notice and accept them – a symbol that she comes to terms with her childhood experiences.

Isgaard - HUMAN (album prelisten) Release 11th of october 2019

Tourdates ISLAND 63° 66° N

ISLAND 63° 66° N
A fantastic trip through a fantastic country

Check out Isgaard's tour dates from time to time! Since she has sung about many of Stefan Erdmann's films, she often participates in his film lectures as a live act!