March 3rd 2023 release of "Event Horizon", the new album by Single Celled Organism

Again I sing the role of the female protagonist, Tella!
EVENT HORIZON is the third part of the story of Dr. Abbott Barnaby and the so- called "TV girl" (Tella) and seamlessly continues the story of the previous albums SPLINTER IN THE EYE and PERCIPIO ERGO SUM (the complete frame work is available at www.singlecelledorganism.com/de/the-story/).
At the centre of the story is the encounter of the two unequal protagonists, during which Barnaby throws all his resolutions overboard and confronts Tella with the truth - with serious consequences: Her hard-won inner stability and hope for inner peace are destroyed at a stroke and she goes completely off the rails.
Using the example of the two main characters, the album addresses the event horizon - not in the physical sense, but in relation to the human psyche and the individual limits of imagination. In times of climate crisis, conspiracy theories and Russia's attack on Ukraine, it becomes more than clear how important it is to shift the boundaries of thinking, to leave one's own sphere of comfort and to keep an eye on the respective counterpart as well as global community.
Detailed information on the individual pieces can be found here: www.singlecelledorganism.com/de/blog/.
Musically, the album offers a broad spectrum between lively prog rock and elegiac art rock, always characterised by contrasts and counterpoints. The third album of Jens Lueck's solo project was again created with the same team of guest and studio musicians as the two predecessors. The recordings took place between May and September at the Art of Music Studio, Garlstorf.