Naked (2014)

NAKED is already Isgaard`s fifth studio-album. Together with her producer and co-musician Jens Lueck she continues to mix variuos styles and influences. A creation of emotional, interwoven sounds, always focussed on her charismatic voice. Fragile piano-parts face pulsating beats, electronic sounds are combined with warm
acoustic instruments and generate a unique mixture.
Isgaard`s vocals are constantly leading the listeners, telling musical tales, and fly through various timbres from low to high. Her songs are on the one hand about actual topics (critical reflection of the financial world and the consumer-society), on the other hand about very personal and introverted themes. As already in the past NAKED will be appreciated by fans of Kate Bush, Lisa Gerard, Tori Amos, Loreena McKennit or Peter Gabriel, but as well by friends of epic soundtracks.