Whiteout (2016)

WHITEOUT. When sky and snow-covered land merge at the horizon and you can‘t see anymore where the land ends and the sky begins. Or you are lost in a dense fog that removes all contours and hides all shapes around.
This describes the feelings of Isgaard over the past two and a half years since her last album ”NAKED“, when she faced the chaos of our present time.Then what makes more sense for a singer than to translate these feelings into music?
Together with her life-partner, producer and co-musician Jens Lueck, Isgaard has written 13 pieces of music that never compromise the compositions or the lyrics.

Somewhere between Art-Pop-elements, folk-inspired acoustic parts, Rock-fragments and string-orchestra ba- sed sections, you will find Isgaard‘ s versatile voice flying through the songs and merging all to a style of her own. Sometimes fragile and tender, then powerful, she covers a wide range of sounds and in the song ”Tikdabra“ (inspired by Alberto Vázquez Figueroa‘s novel ”Tuareg“) she dives into the ethno-segment.

The arrangement of the pieces give a wide richness of detail and an invitation to careful listening. Among several other studio-musicians producer Jens Lueck plays drums and keyboards and sings backing vocals and in order to search for a warm sound, many real strings have been recorded.

The center of the album is the three-part title-track WHITEOUT (13min34), that tells the story of a young woman who starts reading a book that seems to describe her present life. As she reads on, reality fades out and the things that she was thinking of as an integral part of her life then disappear. In a wider sense the WHITEOUT in a human life.

”You didn‘t fall“ is a bow to women like the Pakistani Malala Yousafzai, who stand up for the rights and education of girls in fundamentalist-islamic countries despite all threats and reprisals.

Another important role in the lyrics is the influence of art in our lives and the nature as a place of refuge and a haven of peace in a world that is at a crossroads.

At the time of the album-release (18th of november 2016) there will also be a videoclip available for the radio-edit of the single ”YOU DIDN‘T FALL“.


Isgaard – Lead- & Backingvocals
Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Backingvocals Ingo Salzmann – E-Guitars
Katja Flintsch – Violins, Violas
Annika Stolze – Violoncello
Dieter Koch – Acoustic-Guitars
Volker Kuinke – Recorders
Joachim Schlüter – Slide-Guitar

Produced by Jens Lueck