Wooden Houses (2008)

Released 2008 on Flat Earth Music/Art of Music. Isgaards most emotional album branded by her charismatic vocals. Ethno- and worldmusic-elements are combined with piano- and string-arrangements; you find also some celtic and gothic-fragments; a musical journey. Some of the pieces have been used for the sountrack of the movie „Island 63° 66° N” – a phantastic journey through a fantastic land“ . Infuences: Peter Garbriel, Kate Bush, Lisa Gerrard, Pink Floyd. Produced by Jens Lueck, Jan Petersen – Guitars, Rodrigo Reichel und Stefan Pintev – Violin and Viola, Stefanie Richter – Violoncello, Jens Lueck – Drums, Keyboards, Backingvocals.